Skarpenord Corrosion a.s (former Jotun Cathodic Protection a.s) has for more than 60 years been one of the leading specialists and suppliers of cathodic protection services and equipment for the marine, industrial and offshore markets.

Skarpenord Corrosion a.s has today one of the largest anode foundry facilities in Northern Europe and the foundry is the only norwegian facility being prequalified and approved as a manufacturer and supplier of sacrificial anodes to the oil and gas industry.

At our foundry in Fredrikstad, Norway the main activities are related to production of the following high quality anode alloys:

CORAL® ‘A’ High Grade
CORAL® ‘A’ Special Grade

Skarpenord Corrosion a.s. also supply the following Products and Services:
– Sacrificial Magnesium Anodes
– Packaged Magnesium Anodes
– Magnesium Strips
– SCANCOR® Earth Cables
– Slip Ring Arrangements for Propeller Shafts
– Silver-graphite Brushes & Brush Holders
– Engineering, Design & Inspection Services

Skarpenord Corrosion AS